Our vision
The success of a corporate lies in how much it has been able to define its future. It is a relection of the corporate’s successes
in the past and how it translates into a vision for the future. The same is ture of the Vajraa, where it is our vision.
Our Mission
We wish to serve healthy and serve it well. At the same time, we are determined to keep the highest standards of business
dealings – something that becomes an epitome in quality food in the times to come.
- To understand and satisfy the needs of the Customer.
- To combine Innovative and Effective Strategies.
- To bring our customers the highest benefits of best quality with reasonable price.
- To increase highly efficient production through advanced technologies and to educate the staffs for better knowledge,
skill and professionalism.
- Innovation and continuous Improvements.
- To seriously implement the corporate social responsibility by serving societies, communities and taking good care of the
natural resources and environment.