Vajraa Green Peas

Vajraa Frozen Green peas is well known for its best taste. Now you can buy healthy and tasty green peas round the year. So, Let’s get to cooking your favourite Matar Pulao with Matar Paneer and what not.


Vajraa Sweet Corn

Vajraa Frozen Sweet Corn is procured straight from the indian farms. These A1 quality corn kernels are juicy, healthy and delightful. The best and effortless corn for every corn recipe be it chaat, soups, salads, and pizzas.


Vajraa Shredded Coconut

Vajraa Shredded Coconut is very hygienically processed for your ease, makes your cooking hassle free, and your dishes yummy! All your desserts will be ready in minutes, be it Sheera, Barfi, Ladoos or Coconut Cake.

Vajraa French Fries

Vajraa French Fries, the crispiest french fries made at home in just 3 minutes, These are made from top quality potatoes from the farms, are tender and delightfully tasty. Enjoy the classic fries whenever you want, at home.

Vajraa IQF Paneer

Vajraa Paneer is made from cows’ milk, it is fresh, soft and hygienically processed and packed for your ease. Forget the hassles of that tiring process of making paneer at home. It is best in quality, and just perfect for your Paneer curries, paneer tikka and more.

Vajraa Malabar Parota

Vajraa Malabar Parota, a delicious, light and fluffly parota which makes your lunch special yet effortless. It is a combination of Taste and Convenience, enjoy it with your favourite curries.


Vajraa Masala Fries

Vajraa Masala Fries is a crispy and spicy snack, made with best quality potatoes procured straight from the Indian farms. With a mouth watering masala (seasoning), we bet you can’t resist the best ever fries, made at home in just three minutes.

Chilli garlic nuggets

Vajraa Chilli Garlic Potato Nuggets

Vajraa Chilli Garlic Potato Nuggets makes every day a spicy feast day. This quick, hot and spicy snack with a twist of Chilli and Garlic is made in your kitchen in 3 minutes.  Try it today, you’ll love it!

Cheese corn nuggets

Vajraa Cheese Corn Nuggets

Vajraa Cheese Corn Nuggets with goodness of corn and cheese is the best ever snack for your cheesy cravings, delve into the cheesy delight with every bite. The healthy corn kernels filled inside give it a tender crisp.



Vajraa Veggie Sticks

Vajraa Veggie Sticks is a healthy option filled with fresh veggies. A perfect snack for your tea time, it comes with a rich filling of green peas, corn and veggies. Open the Packet, Fry in hot oil and they are ready in just three minutes.


Vajraa Aloo Tikki

Vajraa Aloo Tikki is a delicious yet effortless solution for a quick awesome meal. Make your burgers and aloo chaat at home in just a few minutes. Vajraa makes your cooking super easy. Enjoy these ready-to-fry Aloo tikki made from best quality potatoes.

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