We have enriched our portfolio of LED products like LED Tube light & LED Bulbs with brand of LEDGEN

Mr. M. Praneeth Chowdary has lead the electrical Divsion of Vajraa.
Our experience and knowledge of lighting enables us to develop
innovative lighting solutions meant for custom requirements. We can proudly say, If you have unique lighting requirement, we have a cost effective and most suitable solutions to match.
LEDGEN and other LED products operation throughout Andhra
Pradesh, he has begun his career. Vajraa have successfully implemented various operational techniques in Agro, Electrical
and Jewellery thus leading to client satisfaction, with good quality
production and service it is taking forward with strength and
their vision. LEDGEN range of LED Lights is the outcome of seamless convergence of Technology and Aesthetics ensuring the best quality engineered product in wide range to suit the varying interior decors.

LEDGEN Products are designed and produced to meet the highest quality standards using best components, latest manufacturing processes and strict quality systems. Due care has
been taken in every aspect of design including Thermal Management, Power Management & Optical Management to ensure best  illumination, long life and high efficiency. At the same time, we have ensured that the product is sleek and elegant making it an Architect’s delight!


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Electricals Division

Our’s is a business oriented organization. We are into Distribution, Real Estate, and financial services since past 20 years and now as the new generation technology is stepping forward, we are also looking to update our business into new trends which can also help our environment (forwarding our hand to green earth technologies). We went on searching many techniques and technology which can yield us good returns and beneficiary to the society too. Hence forth, we are launching LED products as our first and foremost products of all the new generation products we are yet to launch. “Live and let live” is our main motto of business, and so will be our the pricing of our products-for which we feel proud of. With our R & D team working continuously in search of new products and new technologies which can be more useful to our customers as well as more helpful to the environment, we can assure our customers a good quality product and good service to the product they buy from us. Not only we are interested in selling our products but are rather concerned regarding the after sales service we shall provide to our customers. And so, we are supplying spare parts, which is more advantageous to the customer.