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Best Food Poducts range for effortless Cooking!

A Few Words About Us

Serving best frozen food and ready to eat products.

Vajraa has always been a value-driven organization. The vision of our founders to create an organization that is built on a soiled foundation of lasting values continues as our blueprint of success. These values continues to direct the group’s growth and define the way we do business.

We believe in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations by continuous innovation of the products and delivering the best on time. We work on the principles of produce right product at right time at right price.

We make Your food tastier, and your cooking effortless!

Our Vision

The success of a corporate lies in how much it has been able to define its future. It is a relection of the corporate’s successes
in the past and how it translates into a vision for the future. The same is ture of the Vajraa, where it is our vision.

Our Mission

We wish to serve healthy and serve it well. At the same time, we are determined to keep the highest standards of business
dealings, something that becomes an epitome in quality food in the times to come.

Our Story

MMG Prasad, founder of the Vajraa Group has rich experience of almost two decades in the field of Frozen Food Distribution and Hospitality. The initiative of a new and a larger dimension combined with operational experience resulted in the success of Sri Vaibhava Sai Communications for the distribution of Kwality wall’s.
Mr.Prasad with various innovative business strategies, the company has always been taking an ambitious growth turn. Vajraa begins with having recognized the functional and operational expertise in the fields of  agricultural, Electrical Products , farming and manufacturing, Vajraa -initially started selling of Diamond Jewellery under the leadership of Mrs. Harini Prasad with the brand of ‘Nupur”, the business flourished by the support of relative and friends, later on the brand emerge into Vajraa – Jewellery With rich experience from his father, Mr. M. Praneeth Chowdary, B.E had now recently took over the operations of the company. showing a exemplary initiative and drive to expand the agro and electrical products like LEDGEN and other LED products operation throughout Andhra Pradesh, he has begun his career. 

Vajraa have successfully implemented various operational techniques in Agro, Electrical and Jewellery thus leading to client satisfaction, with good quality production and service it is taking forward with strength and their vision. Vajraa is strictly committed to quality and the concept of continuous improvement. We have been adopting various quality improvement principles and techniques to satisfy our estimated customers.

Our quality improvement process structure is designed to identify the concerns and needs of our customers, employees and suppliers which enable our team to address them immediately thus ensuring proved services and overall satisfaction. Internal Quality Assessments are done on continuous basis to improvise on effective and qualitative team work. This enabled us to  successfully establish and maintain permanent association with Kwality Walls since 2007. On reputation for quality, service and customer satisfaction is built over hard work and we strive to maintain it furtherand expand .

Temperature Controlled Warehouses



*250 MT Temperature controlled (-18°c ) warehousing .

*Refrigeration systems capable of providing  -25°c imported from Germany and Italy .

*200 mm imported puff panels for maximum backup and less thermal loss .

*150 mm high end doors from Germany .

* Complete packing line for packets and boxes .

*Distribution vehicles for reducing the fixed assets required by the client there by increasing their profitability .

*Advanced loading and unloading pattern.

  • We are centrally located in the heart of the city there by providing a very good advantage in the terms of service to your customer saving in time , energy and can also cater additional customers with the same vehicle .
  • Fixed Loading slots from 9 am to 6 pm for each client .
  • 24 * 7 power backup via diesel generator .
  • 100 % stand by refrigeration units .
  • Advanced cooling control systems from japan .
  • Complete single partner for all cold chain related solutions .
  • Complete services from palletising , DE palletising , packing of products , unpacking and repacking etc.
  • 1 to 2 ton vehicles for distribution within the city and we have tie ups with different transport companies for bigger vehicles .
  • Advanced loading and unloading systems for maintaining the quality of the goods .
  • Goods can also be insured upon your request .
  • Complete MIS reports and also option for online MIS reports

Temperature Controlled Logistics

We currently have four vehicles of 1.5 ton each for customisable temperatures starting from + 20°c to -25°c . We have already started the process of procuring 2 and 6 ton vehicles which will be in place in coming months We are customer centric there by providing a very good service for them We even provide vehicles on monthly

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